It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, March 27, 2023
It Never Rains 1468
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Monday, March 27, 2023
Panel 1: Rose sits beside an unconscious Iz's hospital bed.

Rose: Oh crap. Oh no. Iz.

Panel 2: She takes his hand.

Rose: I don't know what's going to happen to me. But that means I also don't know what's going to happen to you.

Panel 3: She rests a hand on his cheek.

Rose: Maggie said you betrayed me yesterday. But you didn't. You didn't become that person. And that means I don't know whether you're going to survive this.

Panel 4:

Rose: I don't know what to say.

Rose: Which is a big deal for me.

Alt-Text: She does generally know what to say, even if "what to say" is an outrageous lie.

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