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Thursday, April 2, 2020
It Never Rains 1001
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Yesterday's comic was, of course, the annual April Fools' Day comic. Today's comic would have run on Wednesday if April Fools' Day hadn't happened. There will also be a Friday comic...eventually (I'm a bit behind on everything, and today is going to be a busy day).
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Panel 1: In the hospital, out in the corridor, Radha talks to Iz.

Radha: She can't talk much, but she understands everything you say.

Iz: But future Rose can talk.

Panel 2:

Radha: Brain injuries are...funny. My brother was hit by a car when he was sixteen. He was in worse shape than Rose...cognitive function impaired, almost no language.

Panel 3:

Radha: It took years, but he recovered almost completely. Some people do; some don't. At least with Rose, we know what's coming.

Panel 4:

Radha: Also, thank you for saving her life again.

Iz: But why do I keep having to do that?

Alt-Text: It's a good question. This is at least the third time (though the second involved a future version of is THIS the second time and THAT the third? And what about FUTURE Iz saving present Rose? I'm so confused).

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