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Tuesday, March 3, 2020
It Never Rains anniversary 2020
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It is It Never Rains' sixth birthday. I've recently been reading back over the comic and noticing all the inconsistencies (and developing plans to resolve as many of them as possible). I guess this is what happens when you pants the hell out of a time-travel story.

Anyway...I'm having a lot of fun with this comic, which is now only a year and a half younger than West of Bathurst was when it ended. It Never Rains feels to me like a longer story, so I have no plans to end it any time soon. I may, however, need to start keeping a proper timeline. If you know of a really good timeline app, let me know.

We begin Year 7 with Rose having done something incredibly foolish, for which there are definitely going to be consequences. Will this stop her impulsivity? Well, probably not. But one can dream.

Thank you for sticking with It Never Rains. Onward and upward.

(Oh, and one final piece of trivia: at least one West of Bathurst character has appeared in every It Never Rains anniversary panel thus far.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Panel 1: In this special anniversary panel, we are still at 127 Amser in the future. Future Iz stands in front of the bulletin board; Rose sits at his feet. Casey Mulligan is standing there watching both of them as he eats popcorn out of a bag.

Casey: This is all getting very exciting.

Future Iz: Who. Are. You?

Alt-Text: Not even Casey can truly answer that question.

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