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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
It Never Rains 752
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Readers keep pointing out things I have neglected to do. This time, someone has mentioned that I haven't been including the alt-texts in the transcripts. This is something I've been considering for a while (and should have been doing since the beginning), but I've always been daunted by what a huge job it would be to go back and change almost eight hundred files.'s my own damn fault, isn't it? Therefore, I'm both going to start putting the alt-texts in the transcripts and I'm going to fix all the old comics. It will be a lot of work, so I'm going to do it gradually. If you check out the archive page, you'll see the comics are (mostly) arranged in groups of six (there are a few bigger groups resulting from the creation of special strips or panels on special days). I'll try to get through one group per day until I'm done. The first six comics from 2014, today's comic, and Monday's comic now all have their alt-texts included in the transcripts.
Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Panel 1: Rose and Iz are talking in the park.

Iz: Jennifer's moving out?

Rose: And apparently, I never am.

Panel 2:

Rose: I'm too fragile to live on my own! If I try, I'll break!

Panel 3: Iz looks disconsolate.

Iz: I should probably move out soon. I feel guilty I haven't been able to pay rent.

Panel 4:

Well, that just makes me look like a selfish, entitled whiner, doesn't it?

Iz: Purely by coincidence.

Iz always knows exactly the right thing to say.

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