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Monday, June 12, 2017
It Never Rains 562
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Wacom update: I did all the things Wacom suggested (except for the bit where they accidentally suggested I delete a file essential to my computer running at all), and no dice. The driver is still not talking to the hardware. Wacom hasn't replied to my last e-mail yet, but I expect they'll next suggest repairs, which will likely take weeks, if not months. I've been loyal to Wacom for ten years, but the Microsoft Surface Pro is looking more and more attractive.

Monday, June 12, 2017
Panel 1: Rose stands talking to Ellen and the woman in the scarf.

Rose: Do I know you?

Woman in Scarf: Not really, but I've seen you around. I'm Farah. I was a year ahead of you in high school.

Panel 2: 

Farah: Your sister was actually my lab partner in grade twelve.

Rose: Really?

Panel 3:

Rose: were Let's-Find-Out-What-Happens-When-Raspberry-Yogurt-Is-Mixed-With-Sulfuric-Acid Girl?

Panel 4:

Farah: She remembers me!

Rose: She remembers it was her raspberry yogurt.

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