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Friday, September 30, 2016
It Never Rains 453
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This Wednesday's My Neighbor Errol contains a reference to It Never Rains. I am a minor character in MNE, and occasionally, when I have a real-life (or online) discussion with the actual Errol Elumir, his fictional avatar and mine will pop up in the comic to engage in a version of the same discussion. In this case, Errol and I are discussing INR's escape-room plot. Errol is an expert on escape rooms, and I  approached him a few weeks ago with some questions about escape rooms and accessibility. I've done a number of escape rooms myself, but Errol's done hundreds and has a better idea of the escape-room scene as a whole.

The thing is...this comic has created an interesting situation. Here's what's happened:

1) A few years ago, Errol and his friends Debs and Manda were guest characters in West of Bathurst, which takes place in the same universe as It Never Rains.

2) Casey and Marie of West of Bathurst have also visited and interacted with Debs and Errol, who at the time had a comic entitled Debs & Errol. This happened twice: once online, and once in the West of Bathurst collection.

3) Debs & Errol is over now, but My Neighbor Errol takes place in the same universe.

4) I am a character in both Debs & Errol and My Neighbor Errol. I don't think my comics have been mentioned before now in either comic (except by Cartoon Errol in one of the crossovers), though I could be mistaken.

5) By having Cartoon Errol and Cartoon Kari discuss It Never Rains as a work of fiction, Errol has hopelessly and paradoxically entangled the worlds of all four comics. In the universe of My Neighbour Errol and Debs & Errol, It Never Rains is now a work of fiction, even though Cartoon Errol has actually interacted with the characters of West of Bathurst.

6) Therefore, Cartoon Errol now canonically has the power to move between fiction and reality. He can also draw fictional characters out into his version of reality. Debs and Manda can also move between fiction and reality; it's unclear whether or not they share Errol's other powers.

7) We have actually seen hints of this before. Cartoon Errol has not only appeared drawn (by Errol) in my style but in the style of Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts.

8) However, it was not until now that we had genuine confirmation that Cartoon Errol had superpowers.

Well. This should be interesting.

UPDATE: Errol has posted a new comic containing my "Errol has altered the nature of reality" explanation.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Panel 1: Rose, Iz, Josh, and Jennifer are inside the escape room. It's dark, but some furniture is visible: a dresser and a small desk. A portrait of a man is on the wall. Iz has a flashlight.

Iz: Man, it's dark. This is exciting!

Rose: Uh...

Panel 2: 

Rose: Guys, I don't think I can help. I'm basically completely blind in here.

Jennifer: We should've thought of that.

Panel 3: Jennifer begins to move away.

Jennifer: Okay, everybody but Rose search the room. If we find a non-visual puzzle, we'll read Rose in.

Panel 4: Rose stands in front of the desk as Iz holds an object out towards Josh.

Rose [thinks]: In the meantime, I'll just stand here, feeling ridiculous.

Iz: Is this non-visual?

Josh: Dude, it's a book.

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