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Saturday, August 15, 2015
It Never Rains 246
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Panel 1: Rose, still carrying the pocket watch, sits down next to Radha, who has been reading on their couch.

Radha: What's that?

Rose: One of you traitors told Iz it was my birthday, so he got me this.

Panel 2: Radha examines the watch.

Radha: It's nice. Do you know how to wind it?

Rose: That knob on the top, I guess?

Panel 3: Radha removes the watch's crystal and sets it.

Radha: Yes. And...oh, it's a lever-set watch. To set it, you unscrew the crystal and pull back the lever. Now the winding mechanism is a setting mechanism. You can also gently feel the hands if you're having trouble seeing the time.

Panel 4: Rose takes the watch back.

Rose: In an age before smartphones, the human race had to use all its ingenuity to get to dentist appointments on time.

Radha: Those were dark days.

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