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Sunday, May 10, 2015
It Never Rains Mother's Day 2015
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It's a bit late, but here's my Mother's Day comic (because it involves a mother. It is not otherwise Mother's Day themed. My Mother's Day comics simply involve mothers now. Mothers are cool). Happy Mother's Day to my mum and my sister, as well as all the other mums out there.

It is just barely possible that this comic is based on a true story: a true story that impacts the WoB book. I am still very, very angry with Purolator Courier, and I am trying to get the proofs back from the States. It is anyone's guess as to when, if ever, that will happen.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Panel 1: Title panel. On what looks like a giant betting slip, we see the handwritten words "It Never Rains--by Kari Maaren." To the right, Rose's mother, Claudia, is standing in her dining room, talking on the phone.

Claudia: Once again, you're not listening to me.

Panel 2: Claudia continues to talk on the phone as her middle daughter, Denise, watches with a calculating look on her face.

Claudia: I understand that you had the package for five days, but you didn't tell me it was there.

Panel 3: Denise has taken up residence at the dining-room table behind Claudia. Rose says something inaudible as she bends done to hand Denise a slip of paper. Denise writes something on a little notepad.

Claudia: No, there wasn't tracking information on your website. I checked. And no one phoned me or left a message.

Panel 4: Denise's stepsisters Rebecca and Clara approach her with their own slips of paper.

Claudia: So what...I'm supposed to be psychic now? Do you require all your customers to be psychic so they can know when they have packages waiting for them?

Panel 5: Denise's stepsister Jennifer and her stepmother Radha are standing beside her. Denise looks at the slips they have handed her.

Claudia: And it's perfectly okay with you that thanks to your company's complete lack of customer service, I get to run around tracking down the package you just mailed back to the States?

Panel 6: Radha is still in the room. Claudia has begun to notice Denise's activities.

Claudia: Is Satan in charge of your operation? I don't think that's an unreasonable question. I have a deep suspicion that the very legions of Hell...uh...please hold on for a second...

Panel 7: Claudia looms over Denise as Radha sneaks out of the room.

Are you taking bets on when I'm going to start yelling?

Denise: The odds for "five seconds from now" just got better.

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