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Monday, May 4, 2015
It Never Rains 184
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Aaaaaaand we have our second piece of Fan Stuff! The first piece was created by Nur Hussein before It Never Rains ever existed. This new one is by seventeen-year-old artist Ayase, who has made a beautiful portrait of Rose and Iz in front of a brick wall (briiiiiiiiicks). Please check out Ayase's DeviantArt page, which contains a lot of other fun drawings.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Panel 1: Rose, still hanging onto both white canes, approaches a tree. Iz is behind her.

Rose: Where are you, Maggie?

Maggie [pokes her head out]: Behind this tree, contemplating your denial.

Panel 2:

Rose: There's no denial.

Maggie: There's lots of denial.

Rose You're in denial.

Maggie: Well, I was...the first time around.

Panel 3: Both of them pause and glance sidelong at Iz.

Panel 4:

Iz: Don't worry; I still have no clue what's going on.

Rose and Maggie: Oh, good.

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