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Monday, November 3, 2014
It Never Rains 106
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Errol Elumir of Debs & Errol has just sent me his guest comic for the West of Bathurst collection. It's funny and awesome and has Marie and Casey in it. Go read Debs & Errol, which is about a band called Debs and Errol, which is based on a band called Debs and Errol. I am a character in the comic. I couldn't tell you exactly how that happened.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Panel 1: Rose still lies on the grass, looking up at Maggie. Maggie is examining her own left arm.

Maggie: It still hurts sometimes.

Panel 2: Maggie removes her tuque and hood, revealing primarily white hair with traces of red remaining.

Maggie: Mostly during bad weather. Nothing like it did when I broke it, of course.

Panel 3: Rose stares at Maggie, who is smiling.

Panel 4:

Rose: I was wondering when I would lose the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Maggie: Nah...that comes later.

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