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Friday, March 21, 2014
It Never Rains 9
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Fun fact:  Gene Wirchenko discovered West of Bathurst recently and read through the entire archive at once, thus becoming one of the first people to be able to do that (I've noticed a few others popping up in the last few weeks, actually).  He then went on to It Never Rains and my music...and decided to write about it.  Check out the Kari-related post on his blog Thoughts about Thought and Other Things.  Then see what you think of the rest of the blog, which is well written and interesting.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Panel 1:  We're back in the strange imaginary world that lives inside Rose's brain.  A red-haired girl--basically, an alternate version of Rose--hikes across a dark desert landscape, a walking stick in her hand.

Narration Box:  My long journey across the barren waste would have been more punishing if not for the prospect of my destination:  home.

Panel 2:  Alternate Rose continues to walk, a look of determination on her face.  The sky behind her is deep red.

Narration Box:  And yet I knew that my yearning for the comfort of my family would remain tempered by dread.

Panel 3:  We get a wide view of Alternate Rose standing at the top of a hill in the gathering darkness, gazing down towards a jumble of houses with lights in their windows.

Narration Box:  There was still an obstacle to overcome before I could once more relax and, with luck, enjoy some take-out sushi.

Panel 4:  Rose is in her kitchen, leaning against the counter and munching on a granola bar.  A woman who looks nothing like her has just got off the phone.

Woman:  So we ended up in the principal's office today because we hit a boy with a stick, did we?

Rose:  The dragon made us do it.

Alt-Text: You know...the dragon.  THE dragon.  There is always a dragon.  She could have said "devil," but that would have been too ordinary.  IT WAS THE DRAGON, DAMN IT.

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